Botswana, our glorious and prosperous nation has enjoyed independence and self sufficiency for over forty years. The country, however may be struggling to live up to its potential in many areas. As we speak the country is plagued with many issues which in my opinion should not be so prevalent. The country is drying up, unemployment is rampant, and violence is on the rise.  Our current government seems to be battling to sort out all the issues we are facing, so is it not time to try some new faces and ideas in the leadership of the country?

 Elections are on our door step this year and only just over 50, 000 people have registered in the first round of the Independent Electoral Commission's (IEC) initial voter registration drive. According to the current IEC secretary Mr. Gabriel Seeletso, in an interview with the Daily News in August 2013, "about 1.4 million Batswana have Omangs and about 1 000 200 were eligible to vote." So why did only 50, 000 register?

In casual conversation I have had recently, I have noticed a pattern of constant complainants on the deteriorating conditions of our country, but when asked what they think the solution is, I'm always met with a shoulder shrug and a look that says, we just have to take it. My question is why is that the answer? In other nations, particularly our Southern neighbours, we would be grabbing our phangas and machetes and getting ready to hit the streets to see change. Why are we as Batswana so comfortable with the words, "Go Tla Siama!" 

My theory is that we as Batswana are too used to being handed things. To start off, we received our independence through negotiation and very little struggle unlike a lot of our African counterparts. A lot of us have received free education and other social amenities at some part of our lives. Therefore, we have never really had to fight or struggle and sweat for freedom or anything really. So maybe we just don’t know how to fight for what we feel we deserve. Another notable characteristic I have picked up on is this need for us to see someone else do it first and get somewhere, then we either join in if its working out or condemn/"hate on" if it fails, with comments like "o tsaya gore ke mang tota" or "o ne a leka eng" 

Honestly, our country is just going to disappear into oblivion if we don't stand up and make our heard. The first step, is to get to voters lines. The IEC will be having another registration drive at the end of the month. I urge all of us with Omang's to make our way to the nearest polling station and register. The country will not help us if sit back and with our arms folded.




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