After submitting my application to the Depart of National internship. I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited some more. You get the idea. Months went by without a word from them. Here I was a qualified engineer in a world where engineers are in shortage and here I was, still unemployed.

Naturally, I decided to go and look for something of my own. I began by drawing up a list of companies I believe are ideally suited for someone of my course. I looked for them in the telephone directory and then found their location for each of their headquarters for recruitment. I also tried to find out where the training centres for most of these companies were. I then called each of them to confirm their locations. Looking at my calendar (my schedule was WIDE open as you would image) I set dates for going to visit each one. This would not be cheap. For someone who is unemployed a two combi trip is 14 valuable Pula! Any little money I got I saved with this in mind. I also printed many many copies of my CV, certificates and omang to ensure when I went to visit these companies I would not be without any documents.

The first visit was to say company x. The receptionist lady told me they had no jobs available. I asked to see their training/recruitment manager and was told they are not available. I asked to leave my documents and was told it would be useless. After leaving, I called the company and asked to talk the recruitment/training manager and guess what? I was put through. I told the training manager I was kept outside of their office and told him my skills and how I thought I could fit in (this was all on my airtime by the way. I realise spending money on copying documents, combi's, calls was a lot, but it's my career and isn't that the best investment you can make?) The training manager agreed to meet and we setup a meeting.

I am going for that meeting next week. I don't have high hopes but measured expectations. Will report back on how it goes. In the mean time I am continuing to call, visit, call visit, call visit. Its the only way to get started on my journey to success.

Let me know of any techniques you know that have worked on the job hunt and I will share them with others in future entries!




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