Things you should never say at work:That's not my problem, " "That's not my job, " or "I don't get paid enough for this.


If you asked someone for help, and the person replied with one of the above phrases, how would you feel? "As importantly, what would it say about him or her? " Price says. "Regardless of how inconvenient or inappropriate a request may be, it is likely important to the other person or they would not have asked. Therefore, as a contributing member of the team, a top priority is to care about the success of others (or at least act as though you do). " An unconcerned, detached and self-serving attitude quickly limits career advancement.

"This doesn't mean you have to say yes; it does mean you need to be articulate and thoughtful when saying no, " she adds. "For example, if your boss issues an unreasonable request, rather than saying, 'You've got to be kidding me. I don't get paid enough for this, ' instead say, 'I'll be glad to help. Given my current tasks of A, B, and C, which one of these shall I place on hold while I work on this new assignment? ' This clearly communicates teamwork and helpfulness, while reminding your boss of your current work load and the need to set realistic expectations. "



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Things you should never say at work:It's not fair.

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