Lack of commitment


Recruitment consultancies say graduates put too much emphasis on having a job that allows them to have a life outside of work and are far too inflexible when it comes to working hours. While we're not suggesting you stay behind at work for hours on end, knowing when to pull a late night for the team is vital - working effectively as part of a team is important in the majority of careers.




Things you should never say at work:"No problem. "

When someone thanks you, the courteous and polite reply is, "You're...


Bad Interview:Few words answers or talking too much

uttering unexpected answers like saying the wrong things, wrong ideas,...


A Little Perspective Goes A Long Way

Regardless of outward appearances, no one escapes life without enduring...


Things you should never say at work:It's not fair.

She got a raise, you didn't. He was recognized, you weren't. "Some...


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